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Auric Energy is committed to make solar energy more accessible than ever. The use of solar panels helps to reduce environmental pollution and lower ever-increasing electricity bills. Auric works only with reliable global brands of solar panels, creating high-quality products that our certified specialists will help you install.


Due to innovations and solar energy popularization, the cost of its generation decreases every year, while the depletion of conventional energy sources leads to a steady increase in electricity prices. The primary goal of Auric Energy is to open branches in all states. The company’s work basis is building long-term relationships with each client, an individual approach to each situation and careful selection of personnel.

Auric Energy is a trusted provider of solar energy. The company provides solar system design and installation services for residential and commercial projects throughout the USA. Auric Energy began its operation in 2010 as a small company in southern Jordan and quickly became the largest solar energy provider in Utah due to Auric's strong focus on customer service, timeliness and responsible transition to solar energy. Auric Energy is the most positively rated solar installer in the USA. The company provides a full range of services from consultation to installation and maintenance. Consultants evaluate customer needs, answer all questions and design a 3D model. The company's engineers develop and provide an individual system based on the customer needs, roof space, height, power consumption and project budget. The solar system is then installed by Auric specialists trained by the solar industry’s gold standard for training - the North American Council of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). After installation, the company helps in the preparation of documents related to tax incentives and is also engaged in the system maintenance. During its work, the company designed and completed approximately 15,000 installations, including both small private projects and large commercial projects (residential complexes, football stadiums, community centers, enterprises, architectural solar wings on high-rise office buildings, etc.).

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    Over the years, Auric has shown steady growth at an accelerated pace and studied the US climate map, which allows the company to provide the best services. The main advantages of investing in Auric are stable profitability and safety of the deposit. The company has entered into partnership agreements with leading global manufacturers of solar panels, which significantly reduces material costs. The accelerated rate of development implies the need for investments that will be used to expand the company’s activities in all states, purchase innovative equipment, engage new specialists, develop new technologies in the field of solar power generation and storage and create software for potential clients to receive data on the cost, terms and other features of the desired project online. According to the International Energy Agency forecast, solar power plants will have capacity to generate approximately 25% of global electricity by 2050. Fossil fuel prices are steadily rising as its deposits diminish. Reasonable government policy makes the use of solar power plants more profitable. These factors show that investments in the solar energy development are promising and reliable, which makes them a good investment.



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