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XT-Energy sees its mission in the development of renewable energy technologies and decarbonization of the energy industry. The company strives to solve the problem of environmental pollution, which causes global concern nowadays, by providing effective solutions in this area. XT-Energy conducts research in CAES technology and solar cell manufacturing.


XT-Energy is committed to introduce CAES compressed air storage technology and make it an integral part of any industrial business. The company is engaged in the production of photovoltaic panels, which are already well known in the energy industry and are in an ever-increasing demand. At the moment, XT-Energy is already one of the leading companies in the industry and makes profit through the implementation of projects in China and the USA, but the company’s main task is to enter the international market.

XT-Energy was founded in Xianning, China, in 2008 and began its operation with the photovoltaic panel manufacturing. Currently, the company is active in China and the United States and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of compressed air energy storage devices that uses its own patented CAES technology. XT-Energy is developing innovative technologies related to conversion of compressed air into electricity. XT-Energy projects have the advantage of an ideal geographic location, allowing long-term energy storage without emissions and at low cost. This provides an effective alternative to the use of fossil fuels and allows to postpone costly investments in energy transfer and ensure wider integration of renewable energy sources in accordance with the network’s decarbonization. The company has partnership agreements with major EPC solution providers worldwide. XT-Energy also benefits from the photovoltaic panel manufacturing. Having an unlimited amount of sunlight and using an innovative energy storage and transmission system, the company provides an opportunity to produce green energy without harm to environment. The patented CAES systems and photovoltaic panels of XT-Energy outmatch products from other manufacturers in terms of performance and cost.

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    Investments in XT-Energy are promising due to the growing demand for electricity, the active development and the public and state attention to the ecology and green energy issues. The company derives profit from the photovoltaic panel manufacturing and already completed projects, which makes investments reliable. Currently, XT-Energy is concluding agreements with industrial companies for maintenance and replacement of obsolete equipment, installation of patented power generation equipment that ensures autonomous operation of industrial facilities independent of third-party electricity suppliers, which allows to reduce toxic emissions and electricity costs and receive a number of certain benefits from the state. The company uses the funds received from investors to expand its global reach and simplify CAES systems. Primary objectives: reduce the cost of power generation systems, reduce the dependence on the planned system geographic location. These developments will make the technology available for widespread use.


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