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Over the years of operation, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals has proven its expertise in chemistry, manufacturing and control, and has gained extensive experience in preclinical and clinical trials. The company has been engaged in the ongoing work to alter the formulation of existing medicines and to bring a number of new products to the US market that will improve the living standards by providing affordable and qualified medical care using innovative medicines.


The company's strategy is to acquire and make the most of the potential of market-approved products, and to license and develop its own portfolio of innovative products to meet all the needs of patients. Thanks to our experienced team, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals has increased its turnover by 440% over the past 3 years and is now one of the best advanced pharmaceutical companies in the USA.

Xanodyne is a specialized pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of drugs, such as pain relievers, vitamins, and anesthetics. The Xanodyne’s marketing team possesses a set of qualities necessary to gain success in the market. From developing a commercial strategy to product positioning and preparing advertising materials, the marketing Company is able to manage its performance and achieve high results; it is also responsible for holding healthcare meetings, workshops, and advisory boards. The Xanodyne’s Healthcare Systems’ team cooperates with stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure that all Xanodyne products are available through patients’ medical plans and retail stores, as well as hospitals and clinics nationwide. The Xanodyne staff includes professionals with an extensive pharmaceutical experience from companies such as Pfizer, Roche, Elan, Abbott, Lilly, AstraZeneca, Shire, Merck, etc. Since its establishment, Xanodyne has set a fast pace of growth and development. The Company’s strategy is to acquire and maximize the potential of approved products via the commercial team and under license, as well as to develop its own portfolio of innovative products to provide for the future growth and meet the patient needs. Xanodyne Pharmacal aims to become one of the top specialty pharmaceutical companies in the USA with quality standards recognized by patients, healthcare professionals, and investors. Today, Xanodyne continues evolving the Company’s development strategy at its new headquarters in Newport, Kentucky.

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    Medicine has always been a promising area for investment, with an ongoing development of advanced technologies opening up even more opportunities. The healthcare services market, which for a long time existed mainly due to the public funding, is just beginning to actively attract private capital. The healthcare services market is scarcely subject to cyclical fluctuations, with demand for medical care and medicines remaining stable even against the background of macroeconomic turbulence, which creates very attractive conditions for investors. The reliability of investment in Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals is determined by the liquidity of products, thanks to the established supply chains in all 50 states, as well as already formed partnerships with the top-ranked healthcare companies and facilities. Another positive aspect of investing in medical technologies is the government assistance, which means certain tax benefits and advantages. Each country is concerned with maintaining the health of its population and therefore promotes supporting the investments in this area. Financial assisstance for the Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals operation helps achieve a desired outcome as quickly as possible and gives a chance to promote these technologies and implement them at once.


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